Sketch #114. Beta Juliet 17

BETA JULIET 17 is inspired by magnificent Alfa Romeo 75 – one of the very most outstanding youngtimer of 80s. Marcin’s new work reflects intelligent power hidden in simple lines of Italian.

This artwork is on my laptop wallpaper. Hope you will enjoy it too.

What about Alfa 75 itself.

Just look at this beauty! Only the perfectly made shot could give us the feeling of intelligent power that is covered under the hood of this outstanding car. The car was designed and produced in times of true Alfa Romeo passion. It was the period when this passion costs more then profit for the firm. Yes, we know that the quality of production was sometimes poor & it’s not the best deal to obtain old Alfas to your garage right now…
That’s what we have our game for. It’s like to collect scale models. No oil, no rust, no money losses for spare parts. But old good Alfa is in your garage… Well, virtual garage.

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