Project description.

1. Societé Turbo, further “ST” is non-commercial project of racing game is being made by:

  • Vasiliy Volkov – Sankt-Peterburg, Russia;
  • Marcin Adamczyk – Sosnowiec, Poland;

further “WE”.

2. ST is being made for fun & joy, because we love to draw & model cars & buildings, python programming & gamedev.

3. ST is project of people addicted to nostalgia, “Turbo” wrappers fans & car design geeks.

4. ST is free to play & modify.

5. ST follows GNU/GPL licension. In short this means: “getting this software you can do whatever you want unless prevent other people do whatever they want.” That’s important.

6. ST is Blender Game Engine (further BGE) based.

7. As we’re “Turbo” bubble gum wrappers geeks we will try to implement all the cars mentioned in 2nd collection (#51-120) of “Turbo”.

The game plot.

ST is simple racing game. In the beginning player has simplest and slowest car. Passing through challenges player gets faster and more complex cars. Final aim is to open all the cars, perform the best lap on special racing track using fastest car, make screenshot & post it on Facebook group’s wall for personal fame.

Game locations.

ST has 2 locations:

  • “Neva ring” – racing track dedicated to legendary historical “Neva Ring” racing track of Sankt-Peterburg destroyed during construction of Kirov’s stadium.
  • “Red bricks district” – fictional city’s district with streets & buildings to get multiple racing courses on one location. Each street & each building has its own name & function. There’s also giant V.I.Lenin statue in a park.

Game cars.

As we’re “Turbo” bubble gum wrappers geeks we will try to implement all the cars mentioned in 2nd collection (#51-120) of “Turbo”.

You can see full 2nd collection of “Turbo” wrappers here:

All wrappers of 2nd collection

Also you can see the progress of cars creation here:

Cars dev process

Why Turbo wrappers?


The idea of creating Turbo-geek game appeared after the very first Turbo-article about #51 Testarossa. Huge public response & support shows the people’s interest to this nostalgic stuff.

A lot of people in Russia and Eastern Europe remember the important role “Turbo” bubble gum wrappers played in their childhood & youth. It’s strong symbol of Iron Curtain breakdown. In USSR “Turbo” appeared just before collapse.

The Turbo-articles & game are parts of ST ptoject.

Game style.


The game is sketchy, lowpoly & minimal. We like this style. Also we consider is much better to do good sketchy style than try to do photorealistic – it’s impossible to compete against AAA studios.

Game engine.

ST is Blender Game Engine based. We consider it’s ideal engine for such type geek projects. Althrough game performance is not strong side of BGE, it gives performance in development. It’s pleasant to work in Blender3d modelling & gamedev tool.